Project Name: MAAHERA Year Completed: 2016
Location: UDAIPUR Value: 3000 + SQ.FT.
Category: RETAIL


In 2016, K2 INTERIORS had the opportunity to design MAAHERA Retail Store, a flagship store in Udaipur location.

The goal was to create an engaging blend of ethnic and modern shopping experience that would attract customers, enhance brand visibility, and boost sales. Designing a layout that facilitates smooth customer movement and enhances the shopping experience while ensuring that the store’s design reflected the brand identity and values.

  • Window Displays: We designed dynamic window displays that change seasonally, incorporating bright colors and thematic props to draw in passersby.
  • Product Arrangements: Inside, products were grouped in visually appealing arrangements, using a combination of shelves, racks, and tables to create focal points.

This 2016 retail project exemplifies K2 INTERIOR’s commitment to creating retail spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and engaging, driving business success for our clients.